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I travel. A lot. I travel for business, for pleasure, to visit my family, sometimes to see my favourite rock band in action. And I like it.

But I have a slight OCD which only triggers when I’m travelling. I have to check my travel documents once in every five minutes. Not go through them in detail, I’ve already done that at home enough times. Just to check they are still in my bag, just in case. And I can only truly relax after I arrive at my destination and see my luggage appear on the conveyor belt.

I only lost my luggage once in all my travels, and it was recovered the next day. But it was one time too many.

And then one of my friends came up with the idea of reusable QR Codes as smart tags that you can attach to your luggage or your travel wallet, and better yet, produced very stylish travel accessories that carry Dynotag, the smart QR Codes.

With her attention to detail she drove a few craftsman mad before she finally decided that the travel accessories are satisfactory enough and I have to say the end results are really good : Soft leather, great colours options, very user-friendly and better yet, trés chic.

I’m using the travel wallet in pistachio and I’m loving it, not only because of the functionality but also for the feel of it. It’s even stylish enough to double as an evening clutch.

The brand name Baikush means the owl in Turkish phonetically and according to the local lore the owls represent wisdom and helpfulness and have powers of prophecy. This particular Baikush also has a great sense of style.