As the song says ‘we leave on the tide in the morning‘ to Capri.

We weren’t really planning to. One night before we were chatting to our new best friend Gino the bartender when the idea popped up. Then Gino mentioned his son just started to work in a company organising excursions to Capri : ‘veery professional, fast boats, good captains like my son, you swim everywhere, you drink all you want, birra, limoncello ‘ and the decision was made.


We met with Joshua, our captain & tour guide in the morning and boarded our speed boat with two more couples. Joshua , apart from being really good looking, turned out to be a very enthisuastic tour guide / historian of the coast of Sorrento and Isle of Capri:

‘Madame, you look. This is the house of first queen of Sorrento,the Regina Joanna. She swam in this pool in the mornings, now you swim there. Is good ?’

In fact it’s more than good, it’s great. The house in question is an ancient stone castle / palace from 7th cc and the pool happens to be a semi-open cave with tourquise waters hidden in the rocks, but Joshua doesn’t believe in over-stressing things.


When we finally reached Capri, Joshua’s explanations were getting as interesting as the beautiful island in front of us with it’s incredible rocks and grottos.

Madame, you look. This is the house of the most famous writer in Italy,now dead.’

‘This is the third most famous grotto, Grotto Bianco.’

Third ? Wait, what happened to the others ? Oh, here they come, clockwise in geographical order.

‘This is the second most famous Grotto Verde.’

‘This is the first most famous Grotto Azzura.’

Once landed in Capri, we rented a scooter and toured around the island.
Then we went to the Marina Piccolo – the most famous little bay in Capri – where celebrities like Sophia Loren and Robert De Niro have villas along with Italy’s rich and famous. We feasted on Insalata Caprese (we were in Capri after all!) and octopus con potato e aglio at the Restaurant Maurizzo overlooking the bay. A bottle of chilled white made an already good day pretty awesome.

On the way back , more swim followed by a shot of limoncello and accompanied with a school of dolphines, and we had the perfect day.