When we ask the concierge to recommend a good seafood restaurant in the near-by fishing village , instead of consulting a standard list, he took his time to remember his favourite places and come up with Zi’ntonio’s restaurant on the waterfront of Marina Grande’s little fishing village.

Surrounded by hotels on the hills, the village is home to the local fishermen who supply the tourists at the Sorrento Coast with their daily catch. It’s charming in a rundown way with amazing views.
Zi’ntonio’s is at the far end of the village directly on the waterfront. The menu is mostly seafood with some meat and pizza choices.
As starter, we had Fried Zucchini Flowers filled with mozerella and a Caprese Salad. Both were very good.
The home made bread was smelling
of oregano & olive oil and it was dangerously delicious.

Afterwards I had an incredible spagetti fresco with shell fish which was so full of vongole, I had trouble finishing. My husband was equally enjoying his grilled fish served with patatos and a herb & butter dressing.

To wash it down we had a bottle of Inama Soave which was crisp, cold and very delicious.
Note for self: The couple at the next table , after applauding our choice of the wine, sugggested the Sauvignon of the same estate. Definetely worth a shot.

We finished with homemade Limoncello and espresso.

The Sorrento / Amalgi / Capri region is famous for its Granite Lemons the size of a baby’s head and home to the Limoncello. Every restaurant serve their own version which are without doubt better than the shop-bought variety.

Totally divine.